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ProfitBooks Accounting Software

Online Accounting Software Designed For India

Handcrafted by Indian Engineers & Chartered Accountants with a vision to help Indian Businesses grow faster!

ProfitBooks is fastest growing & amazingly simple to use cloud accounting software for Indian Businesses. It lets you create beautiful invoices, track expenses and manage inventory without any accounting background..


Know whats going on with your business with just few clicks.


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Boost your Profitability

Accounting is not just about recording transactions, its about knowing how to increase profitability.

Useful reports with charts

Get paid on time and ensure a positive cash-flow

With ProfitBooks accounting software package, you can create professional estimates or invoices and email them directly to your customers with one click.

Easily track outstanding payments due. Timely payments means better cash-flow.

Control your expenses by knowing where you are spending money

Analyse how and where you are spending most by easily tracking day-to-day expenses. Create Purchase orders, record purchases and pay your vendors on time to avoid late payment fees.

This simple bookkeeping software also lets you manage your vendors and customers interactions from a simple unified screen.

Save atleast 2hrs a day lost in manual work!

ProfitBooks helps you reduce duplication of work & puts more time in your hands.

Save time during tax calculations and payroll processing

Save time lost in manual work during Tax Calculations

Quickly know payable or receivable amount for Service Tax, VAT and other taxes. Detailed reports are just a click away, anytime without any complication.

Process monthly payroll within minutes.

Easily pay your employees and generate salary slips with integrated Payroll function. Employees can even apply for leaves and record timesheets.

Deliver on time using Projects and Tasks

Improve employee productivity with task management. Get organized with projects by grouping your invoices, expenses and other transactions together.

Online Inventory Management

ProfitBooks integrates financial accounting and inventory management into one easy to use application

Manage Stock Movements

Thousands of traders, distributors & small businesses organise their inventory using ProfitBooks everyday. You can easily control stock, record purchases, create sales orders, maintain warehouses and do much more..


Manage vendors & know whats going on with your business with just few clicks.


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Run your business with clarity

Focus on important things with the simplicity of ProfitBooks. Stay ahead in the game.

Understand which product is most Profitable

Know your highest margin product, track slow moving items, wastages due to expiry dates. Know which product is going out of stock and which product to reorder. Stay ahead.

Focus on high paying customers

Easily track all the transactions for Customers and Vendors. Know your important Customers and keep them happy.

Focus on high paying customers

Consistently Rated As The Best Accounting Software!

  • I just love the simple and intuitive interface of ProfitBooks, it works best for a non-accountant like me.

    Its time saving and doesn’t scare my team 😉

    Every now and then they keep adding features which are really helpful. My team enjoys working on it.

    Sujit from InterviewMocha
    Sujit Karpe
    CTO, InterviewMocha.com
  • ProfitBooks is amazing time saver.

    I no longer waste time in visiting client’s place and doing tax calculations on excel. Rather than reviewing client data once in 4-5 months, I can check it every week as there are no import/export hassles.

    Testimonial by chartered accountant
    CA Nikhil Sabadra
    Partner, CALSN and Co.
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