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duties of an accountant

What are the duties of an accountant?

The duties of an accountant revolve around financial record keeping, decision making, and other aspects that can ensure that the company thrives well in the market. An accountant must prepare and analyze the financial records of a company while managing data that can be analyzed and used for consultation. The accountant is to ensure that…


Tax Deductions For Small Businesses

12 Tax Deductions For Small Businesses

If you own a business, your gains are subject to taxes by the government. Business owners often lose a big part of their gains to income taxes. Therefore, it is essential for business owners to understand how to identify tax deductions relevant to their field of work. Higher tax deductions for small businesses also equate…


Profit and Loss

What is a Profit and Loss Report?

Businesses operate to make profits while minimizing expenditure. To do so, companies need to document their expenses and income. A company can do this in various ways. One of the most effective ways that one can resort to doing so is by creating a financial statement. A financial statement provides information that can help assess…



What Is an Accounting Journal?

If you own or manage a company or know someone that does, you know that businesses account for all the expenses made for their upkeep. It is crucial to keep a record of transactions made by them to maintain economic stability. Several unaccounted transactions cause an imbalance in financial statements such as balance sheets, leading…


Debit and Credit

What is a Debit and Credit?

  When it comes to accounting and bookkeeping, Debit and Credit are the two words you shall come across the most often. You can have a better knowledge of the accounting process by learning how debit and credit function. It might even make it easier for you to understand complex accounting concepts.   What is…


Proforma Invoice

What Is a Proforma Invoice?

The fact of the importance of invoicing in our day-to-day business life is undeniable. As it helps to sustain the consistency of cash flow into your business. Acknowledging the diversified varieties of invoices, to increase the cash flow can be a game-changer in the business practices of your company. And this is how you can…