Advance Payments

Guide On Advance Payments

An advance payment is paying a part of the payment to the seller before the work begins. It has become a norm while taking up large projects.   Small businesses deserve an equal opportunity at work. But they may not have the financial backing to undertake large projects. And here’s where advance payment comes into action.…


Invoicing Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Invoicing Mistakes That Most Startups Make

Every Startup owner knows the struggle and importance of dealing with invoices. Money is the core feature of your business and you don’t want to mess it up, especially when you are just starting off, right? Everybody carries a manual of all the right things to practice in their business but it’s equally important to…


Difference between direct and indirect expenses

Difference between direct & indirect expenses

  Running a business is not easy. With the economy on a downward spiral, it has become even more challenging to make ends meet. Every penny spent needs to be turned over twice before it is paid out. The goal of any business, after all, is to make money. Keeping tight reigns on your business…


All You Need To Know About Digital Signatures

Understanding Digital Signatures We are living in a world where carrying out daily business and personal activities are becoming very easy and smooth. In an era where digital signatures are being greatly embraced in the entire world, we no longer have any limitations in our business or personal lives. Typically, physical documents like invoices will…