Most Popular Business Articles

Best Business Articles Of 2016

In our endeavour to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, we published lot of insightful articles last year. I’ve handpicked 15 of them that instantly stuck the cord with our readers. Hope you’ll enjoy these posts. Here are our most popular business articles from year 2016.. 1) 12 Inventory Management Techniques To Cut Losses Inventory is…


Using LinkedIn For Business

How To Use Linkedin For Business Marketing

I visited the Silicon Valley last month. Before going to San Francisco bay area, I had planned to spend few days in Phoenix city. While I was there, I wanted to understand the CPA (Certified Public Accountants) industry to explore opportunities to market our business accounting software. But, I had no clue about how to…


FIFO Vs LIFO - Inventory Valuation Method

FIFO Vs LIFO – Which Is The Best Inventory Valuation Method?

 Inventories are the largest current asset of any business. Businesses are often confused about FIFO Vs LIFO. Ideally, there are two inventory valuation methods or accounting methods: LIFO (Last-in, first-out) and FIFO (First-in, first-out). These are two mostly used inventory methods for record keeping that are feasible on accounting standards. Inventory accounting assigns values and…


Tips For Setting Salary As A Business Owner

Mukesh Ambani takes Rs. 15 Cr as his annual salary, Snapdeal co-founders earn Rs. 46.5 Cr each, Flipkart founders take home Rs. 20 Cr every year, Mark Zuckerberg prefers to pay himself $1 per year and Narayan Murthy earned just Rs. 1 as his annual salary. So, what’s the right salary of an entrepreneur? If you are…


How To Raise VC Funding For Your Business

How To Get VC Funding For Your Business

  An entrepreneur’s journey starts with an idea. But when his small business gets off the ground, capital is required to fuel the growth. Earlier, I had written about 10 funding options for startups in India. Raising venture capital is one of those option. In this article, we’ll discuss VC funding in detail.   What is Venture…


Go Cash Free With Smart Invoicing

Go Cashfree With ProfitBooks!

ProfitBooks offers the simplest way to create professional invoices. However, creating and sending an invoice to your customer is a job half done. Most of our users tell us that it takes them average 18 days to receive money once the invoice is sent. So, to solve this problem, we had integrated Instamojo payment gateway with…