How To Write Invoice Payment Terms

How to Write Invoice Payment Terms

  Sometimes, your invoice is the last communication that you have with your client and its very important to leave lasting impression. At ProfitBooks, we’ve seen many businesses suffer from late payments due to improper invoice payment terms. In this post, I’ve explained how to write invoice payment terms that can help you get paid faster.…


Hire Interns - Ultimate Guide

Why You Should Hire Interns In Your Startup

  We were planning to conduct a small workshop for business owners. There were lot of activities to be done – Like sending invitations, confirming attendance, booking venue, printing promotional materials, etc. Now, the problem was, we didn’t want to hire someone full-time just for this as it would involve more time and money. Fortunately,…


Best Coworking Spaces in India

Best Coworking Spaces In India

As a business owner, we are always looking for ways to cut costs. If you operate out of a metro city, its difficult to find cost-effective options for business meetings, conducting interviews or finding an affordable place to work. Sometimes investing in an office infrastructure is not possible for early-stage businesses. This is where coworking spaces…


Krishi Kalyan Cess

How To Setup Service Tax

Setting up Taxes in ProfitBooks is easy. Just to go Accounting menu and click on Taxes. In this article, we’ll explain how to setup Service Tax, Swacch Bharat Cess and Krishi Kalyan Cess:   Important Notes Here is a quick calculation for new service tax rates that is effective from 1st June 2016. Taxes are…


All you need to know about UPI - Unified Payment Interface

What Is UPI And How It Will Benefit Your Business

  India moved a step closer towards becoming a cashless economy with the launch of Unified Payment Interface (UPI). With this new payment method, your smartphones will soon double up as virtual debit cards and you’ll be able to send or receive money instantly. Along with Bharat QR code, it can help you get rid…


Social Media Cheat Sheet

Building Your Business on Social Media (Infographic)

For small businesses, social media is the key to success. In the past, building a brand and attracting new customers was a daunting task, and while it’s far from easy, social media makes it more possible than ever before. If your business isn’t on social media, it’s time to change that. Today we’ll look at…


Improve & Manage Cash Flow

How To Manage Cash Flow In Small Business

  When it comes to the financial management of any business, its often said that Cash Is King! Whether your business is growing or struggling, managing your cash flow effectively is absolutely essential, and for many, its the key to business survival. You’ve probably heard the statistic that over 60% of businesses that fair are still profitable,…