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4 Ways To Ensure Security At Workplace

4 Ways To Ensure Security At Workplace It’s your duty as an employer to provide and maintain a safe working environment for all of your employees. Whether you’re working in an office or a factory, security should always be a priority. A safe workplace is one that’s free from hazards, which employees, managers and directors…


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How to Use Video In e-commerce Business

How to Use Video to Build Consumer Trust in your E-commerce Company     In the ephemeral online world, trust is too much of a precious thing. It’s not uncommon to see news about identity theft, online scams, phishing, and whatnot; people don’t usually associate shopping online with security, and who can blame them? This…


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Tips to avoid stock damage

5 Smart Tips To Avoid Stock Damage Stock damage or inventory damage is one of the biggest challenges faced by several managers and business owners in today’s highly competitive market. If you’re running an enterprise, along with stock, you have to handle a lot many things. Read our article on 7 mistakes that entrepreneurs should…


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7 Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

7 Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Should Avoid Entrepreneurship is not a child’s play. The inevitable side effect that every entrepreneurship has to face is “failure.” Most of the thriving business persons have felt the taste of failure. Surely, it is not as satisfying as the feeling of success. However, it is a significant one. It is…


Inventory Valuation Methods

Inventory Valuation Methods Inventory generally refers to stock or stock in trade. In trading, it refers to perpetual inventory meant for resale or unsold goods. In a manufacturing concern, it includes items such as raw materials, semi-finished goods, and finished goods. An inventory valuation allows your company to provide a monetary value for items that make up…


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What is a Bill Of Materials?

What Is A Bill Of Materials?   In a nutshell, a Bill of Materials (BOM) is the complete list of all the items that are required to build a product. But, it is more than a mere shopping list. A list of material, or the Bill of Materials is a list of all the production…


BigCommerce Vs WooCommerce

BigCommerce vs WooCommerce

Hunt for the Best eCommerce Platform Today, every business owner wants to take their business online due to the higher influence of the internet all over the world. Thanks to eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, etc, building an online store has become easy. With these platforms, you can build an appealing store with minimal…


Future of coworking spaces

Future of Coworking Spaces

  Co-working spaces are quickly gaining popularity among organizations and are doubling their inventory from the past few years in the major markets in India. Seeing co-working spaces climbing charts industry experts and asset owners are making researches about whether this segment holds a future or not. Flexible workspaces or business centres in India are…


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3 Expert Tips on Upscaling Your Online Business

  The world of online retail is still showing considerable signs of growth on a global scale and, despite trends predicting a slight decrease in percentage growth for 2019 in comparison to previous years, there’s still scope for eCommerce businesses to upscale and take their share of the market. In this post, Jon Leighton from…