Funding options to raise startup capital

10 Funding Options To Raise Startup Capital For Your Business

According to a recent study, over 94% of new businesses fail during first year of operation. Lack of funding turns to be one of the common reasons. Money is the bloodline of any business. The long painstaking yet exciting journey from the idea to revenue generating business needs a fuel named capital. That’s why, at almost every stage of the…


Loan Transaction

Advanced Accounting Using Journal Entry

Journal entry is the go-getter in Accounting. Anything and everything in Accounts can be done through a Journal Voucher. Let’s see some of the important transactions that require a journal entry. 1. Fixed Asset Purchase. Any business purchases few fixed assets for smooth functioning like Computers, Office Space, Printers, Servers, Trademarks, etc. Such transactions are…


Manage Entire Purchase Cycle Of Inventory

Each business incurs certain expenditure to run. They can be further divided into ‘purchases’ and ‘expenses’. Expenses can be either cash expenses which are paid off immediately, or credit expenses, which are incurred on a particular date but settled later. Purchase usually deals with procurement process of inventory which we require to either manufacture, or…