Product video Ideas For eCommerce

5 Effective Product Videos Ideas For eCommerce

When buying online, customers usually need an extra incentive that makes them feel confident about their decision. Luckily, product videos are a great way to provide all the helpful information (and that little extra push) most people need for a purchase. But before you start adding a bunch of these videos to your marketing strategy,…


Email Marketing For Small Business

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Small business marketing might be a headache for many, as the owners try to find the best tools and platforms to invest in. Small businesses are looking for effective ways to boost their presence and engagement with a limited budget, ensuring that the money is well spent. Email marketing has experienced huge growth in the…


Financial Mistakes

Top Financial Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

To err is human. The problem is, most small businesses can’t afford to make financial mistakes. Fortunately, most of these errors are easy to prevent. In this article, we are going to talk about the most common financial mistakes that small business owners make in the hopes that the added awareness may lead you to…


e Rupi

What is e-Rupi?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an electronic voucher-based digital payment system “e-RUPI” on August 2, 2021. The platform will be a person-specific and purpose-specific payments system. The launching of e-Rupi confirms India’s first step towards having a digital currency in the country. Let us dive into the basic understanding of what e-Rupi is and how…


Harshal Katre's Interview by GoodFirms

GoodFirms Team Interviews ProfitBooks CEO – Harshal Katre

Incorporated in 2012 and based in Pune, Maharashtra, ProfitBooks is a Technology Platform presenting accounting and inventory solutions to small and medium enterprises to improve invoicing, expense management, inventory management, and accounting. In short, it’s a complete accounting software solution. Since its inception, many companies in over 60+ countries from different business verticals entrust ProfitBooks…


List of best webinar software

Best Webinar Software for Your Business

  It’s been a long pandemic and it still continues to exist. Amid this pandemic, we have figured out a lot of solutions to our problems, a lot of ways to manage everything around us. We have changed some old methods and have transformed them into something that suits current situation and adjustments. One such…


Email Marketing Using Videos

How To Boost Your Email Marketing Using Videos

However you look at it, email marketing continues to be a powerful advertisement tool, even today. But it is also one that most businesses allow to go underused and is underestimated most of the time. It doesn’t take a genius to look at the numbers and realize the potential value there, yet for every bit…