Profitbooks vs Wave Accounting Software

Moving to an online invoicing solution is the best decision that you can make to ease your tasks. There is a lot of software that aids different tasks with accounting solutions. One such popular software is ‘Wave’. It has been popular in the accounting software world because of its features and free pricing structure. But that doesn’t mean that Wave is the right choice for you as there are much other software proving out to be better than Wave.

When it comes to providing a seamless, flawless, and all-in-one invoicing solution, Profitbooks is the name that comes front. It has got it all; from strong accounting features to inventory management.

Before you get confused about what’s the best accounting software option for you, here’s us comparing all the features and facilities that ‘Wave’ and ‘Profitbooks’ offer so that you decide what’s best for your requirements.

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Profitbooks offers almost all of its features for free! Yes, that’s right, without a penny! You can create professional invoices in multi-currency, manage business expenses, track receivables and get tax reports without spending a penny.

This free plan of Profitbooks is designed for a single user and allows you to create around 50 invoices a month. This makes it a perfect option for start-ups. We, at Profitbooks, are on a mission to reach 1 million businesses and help them organize their businesses with ease. This is why we are forever going to keep the free version available for our users.

The paid plan comes at a mere price of $15 a month or Rs.499 per month. This gives you an access to all features along with a support for multiple users with an individual access level. It is great for growing businesses as you can create unlimited invoices.

With this plan, you can create accounts for your employees. Not just this but you can also assign them roles such as Sales, Staff, Accountant, Inventory Manager, etc. In this way, you can give them access to only specific screens.


Wave, just like Profitbooks is free to use as well. But the features it offers with the free plan are very limited and only can be beneficial for small businesses. These basic and limited features aren’t that helpful for professional users.

User Interface

Though Wave’s newly redesigned UI is structured and easy to use, the only downside is that there’s no back button. Except that, there aren’t any big complaints from the interface.

But the user interface of Profitbooks outshines Wave’s. The UI of Profitbooks intends to deliver super simplicity for its all kind of users. The organized and systematized UI is designed so as to keep almost zero confusion and complexion while offering user-friendly experience.

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Issues with Wave

Though Wave provides a lot of features for free and is popular among the start-ups, there are some issues with the software. These are few recurring issues that users face with the software, some of which were addressed and solved by Wave in their latest updates. Here are some issues that were faced by many in the past or are still faced by the users.

Slow Servers & Downtime ❌

Though Wave is trying to fix these over its latest updates, some users still complain about the software’s loading speed.

Poor Mobile Apps ❌

Wave is known for a lot of bugs in their apps. There are multiple Wave apps and not one centralized app with all features. This brings a lot of complaints from its users.

Limited Features ❌

Wave apps don’t have full proofed features and lack better bank transaction, mileage tracking, etc.

Lack of Integrations ❌

Several users nag about a lack of third-party integrations.

Expense Tracking Errors ❌

A lot users had complained about the duplicate transactions, and multiple users report having to often reconnect to their bank accounts.

Unique features of Profitbooks

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These are some of the prime features of Profitbooks:

  • Create Unlimited invoices
  • Manage Unlimited contacts
  • Track your payables & receivables
  • Collect payments online
  • Send invoices in multiple currencies
  • Track your payables & receivables
  • Track business expenses
  • Manage taxes
  • Invite staff and accountants
  • Export data to accounting softwares
  • Get in-depth financial reports

Apart from them, these are some unique features that makes the software one of its kind.

  • Quick setup. Get started without any training!
  • Create unlimited invoices with pre-made invoice templates
  • Create estimates or quotation and convert those to invoice
  • Create Sales Orders
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Create multiple warehouses
  • Integrate payment gateways like Instamojo or Cashfree
  • Financial reporting with Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss statement
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ProfitBooks Customer

““After evaluating almost 10 different software, we finally bought ProfitBooks and it turned out to be the best decision for our business.””

– Mark Somers, Jackster Corp.

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Comparison between Wave and Profitbooks

Features Wave Profitbooks
Free to use
Multiple Integrations
Full-featured Mobile App
Better Customer Support
Perfect for Small Businesses
Additional features