Marketing Problems

How To Fix Marketing Problems In Your Small Business

  Small business owners make up for a majority of the working class around the world. Here are some numbers to support this claim: Small business units form close to 58% of the total employment. This number goes considerably up in low and middle-income countries. It might come as a surprise, but in countries that…

Start Online Business

5 Reasons to Start an Online Business During the Pandemic

Why You Should Consider Starting an Online Business During the Pandemic For most niches, a business cannot continue as usual. Brick and mortar stores will feel the pinch that comes with behaving responsibly amid a global pandemic. Existing enterprises have an advantage over nascent ones, but they’re still struggling. Yet, according to the Wall Street…

Optimize Your Website For Mobile SEO

How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile SEO

  Here’s an interesting statistic: at least 40% of online transactions are now done using mobile. With that in mind, more and more brands nowadays are using a responsive web design approach. However, to foster engagement and build brand loyalty, having a responsive web design alone won’t suffice. You also need to optimize your website for mobile search engine…

Top video editing tools

Top Online Video Editors for Beginners

Nowadays, everybody can record and share videos instantly, but not everything can be done with the limited editing options that come with regular smartphones! There are plenty of effects, styles, and liberties that you’ll want to feature on your video content and can only be accessed through video editing solutions. The thing is that, even…

Grow Your Sales During Pandemic

5 Expert Tips to Grow Your Sales During a Pandemic

  The current pandemic has created financial instability for a lot of businesses. The measures that the government took to safeguard the citizens along with the threat of COVID-19 has led to the downfall of many businesses. A survey says that more than 30% of small businesses may go out of business due to this…

How To Make Product Videos

How to Make Product Videos that ACTUALLY Drive Sales Up

  As we all know, people love to try products before they buy them. Looking at how something works with their own eyes is the best way to understand if a product is going to fill their expectations. And hey, that’s completely understandable. Nobody likes to feel disappointed by something they just bought! But with…