Inventory management - Flexible packaging

Flexible Packaging

4 Ways Flexible Packaging Could Benefit Your Business In an age where efficiency has become a guiding principle for every enterprise, saving time, money and energy has never been more important for financial decision-makers. Taking a conscious and robust approach to product packaging and delivery is one way to combat this issue in your enterprise.…

Video Marketing Tips

5 Video Marketing Tips For B2B Businesses

According to a Forbes-Google Video in the C-Suite study, lots of senior executives watch work-related videos and in fact prefer video content over text. The study further found that these executives are open to sharing and viewing B2B videos on social media. In fact, among B2B marketers, videos are already the third most popular form…


Understanding SKU Codes

So, what is an SKU? Pronounced as “skew,” SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. SKU code refers to a specific product, item or service that is kept for sale. This code is made up of a particular character and is unique for every piece. The figures vary according to different parts of the product giving…

Inventory Control

Understanding Inventory Control

  With the onset of various practices aimed to increase the gross output from a company, the management, and control of everything related with the inventory has taken the spotlight and paved the way for new techniques and practices to achieve it. Inventory control is, therefore, an important aspect of maintaining a successful industry. In…

delivery challan

Understanding Delivery Challan

What Are Delivery Challans? As a businessperson, is this question placing you in a dilemma? Well, this article contains all your answers! Also known as a dispatch challan or a delivery slip, a delivery challan is a document that contains the description, condition, and quantity of goods delivered. The paper outlines the recipient of the…

Dropshipping Guide

How Dropshipping Works

  Imagine that you are running an e-commerce business.. You are getting a lot of orders, from across the world.. These products are shipped to customers without your intervention and you are getting paid instantly after every fulfilment. Best part – You don’t even have a warehouse or have any inventory! Sounds interesting? A process…