Understanding SKU Codes

So, what is an SKU? Pronounced as “skew,” SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. SKU code refers to a specific product, item or service that is kept for sale. This code is made up of a particular character and is unique for every piece. The figures vary according to different parts of the product giving…

Inventory Control

Understanding Inventory Control

  With the onset of various practices aimed to increase the gross output from a company, the management, and control of everything related with the inventory has taken the spotlight and paved the way for new techniques and practices to achieve it. Inventory control is, therefore, an important aspect of maintaining a successful industry. In…

delivery challan

Understanding Delivery Challan

What Are Delivery Challans? As a businessperson, is this question placing you in a dilemma? Well, this article contains all your answers! Also known as a dispatch challan or a delivery slip, a delivery challan is a document that contains the description, condition, and quantity of goods delivered. The paper outlines the recipient of the…

Dropshipping Guide

How Dropshipping Works

  Imagine that you are running an e-commerce business.. You are getting a lot of orders, from across the world.. These products are shipped to customers without your intervention and you are getting paid instantly after every fulfilment. Best part – You don’t even have a warehouse or have any inventory! Sounds interesting? A process…

inventory management basics

Understanding Inventory Management

  Understanding Inventory Management Inventory management is a part of the supply chain management, which includes various aspects such as the process of ordering, storing and using the company’s inventory like raw materials, its components, and the finished products. It is also used for controlling the number of products for sale. It helps to manage…

surplus inventory

How to deal with surplus inventory

What Is Surplus Inventory Anyway? Surplus Inventory is a term used to describe a situation where fewer supplies are used than what is stocked, and that affects the profit margin and the unsaleable, yet expensive items lock up cash that could have been better used to sell other saleable products. If you’re a merchant looking…